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3D deer head

MNPRO has created a prototype 3D printed model of a deer head. This novel tool, printed at the Earl E. Bakken Medical Devices Center, can be utilized to demonstrate the removal of lymph node samples for chronic wasting disease (CWD) testing. This model is highly useful to help educate hunters, cervid farmers, students, and professionals who may need to sample lymph node tissues for CWD testing.

Lymph node sampling video

The process of tissue identification and lymph node collection is described while referencing a virtual representation of the 3D deer head model.

Further development and availability

MNPRO is working with several partners to advance the prototype model and associated products to be publicly available in the future.

CWD booklet

This informative and captivating e-booklet describes the nature, transmission and progression of chronic wasting disease in deer. With succinct, easy-to-read descriptions and attractive graphical illustrations, this 28 page e-booklet provides a basic understanding of the disease in an engaging way for both kids and adults in multiple communities.

Multiple versions of this CWD e-booklet can be obtained through the Office of Technology and Commercialization at this link.