2020 CWD webinar-3

Session 3: The Human Factor

      • Where CWD is

      • What you can do about it

      • Risk to human health

      • Human dimensions of CWD management

Dr. Debbie McKenzie (U of Alberta) presents a webinar on prions, CWD strains, and potential implications for the species barrier.

Peer-reviewed manuscripts:

Species barrier of CWD overview - Osterholm et.al, 2019

Human prion protein conversion - Barria et.al, 2018

CWD prions in muscle - Angers et.al, 2006

Human prion disease and associated risk of CWD - MaWhinney et. al, 2006

Group exposure to CWD positive venison - Olszowy et. al, 2014

Bleach inactivation of CWD prions on stainless steel - Williams et.al, 2019

Osterholm - species barrier overview.pdf
Barria - In vitro human prion conversion.pdf
Angers - prions in muscle.pdf
MaWhinney - human prion dz in CO.pdf
Olszowy - NY group CWD exposure.pdf
Williams - bleach inactivation.pdf