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An integral part of MNPRO's commitment to impacting neurodegenerative diseases is our connection to community. Stakeholder engagement occurs through the development of educational opportunities and disseminating the science surrounding prion and protein-misfolding diseases.  Whether it is a Slinky prop used to describe misfolded prions at in-person events or producing videos to reach a broad audience, MNPRO is committed to innovative methods of informing the community.

MNPRO’s effectiveness is built upon coordinated communication that respects heterogeneous social values of diverse communities who are affected by neurodegenerative diseases. Equally important are collaborations in community-centered science and the engagement of influential federal and state policy makers.

CWD Watch

Additional chronic wasting disease information from MNPRO can be found online at CWD Watch  developed in collaboration  with our partners at the Center for Animal Health and Food Safety.

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3D deer head

MNPRO has created prototype 3D printed models of a deer head. These novel tools, printed at the Earl E. Bakken Medical Devices Center, can be utilized to demonstrate the removal of lymph node and brainstem samples for chronic wasting disease (CWD) testing. This model is highly useful to help educate hunters, cervid farmers, students, and professionals who may need to sample target tissues for CWD testing. 

Lymph node sampling video

The process of tissue identification and lymph node collection is described while referencing a virtual representation of the Version 1 3D deer head model.