Minnesota Center for Prion Research and Outreach


Making innovative connections across the spectrum of protein misfolding diseases

Who we are

The Minnesota Center for Prion Research and Outreach (MNPRO) is a multi-disciplinary center at the University of Minnesota focusing on the biology and epidemiology of human and animal prion diseases and related human protein-misfolding disorders (PMDs). MNPRO collaborates with a range of University of Minnesota faculty and external team members to conduct research with a broad impact on protein-misfolding disorders (PMDs), such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, ALS, and emerging PMDs, such as chronic wasting disease. 

MNPRO aims to utilize comparative medicine and biology, create a think-tank environment for cutting edge science, develop strategic research priorities in the areas of diagnostics and assessment, and collaborate through targeted outreach to become a worldwide hub for combating neurodegenerative disease. 

MNPRO is committed to protecting connections to heritage, improving human health, safeguarding the environment, and relieving the economic burden of PMDs. 

Research based on lab techniques, field integration, and human dimensions of PMDs are the root of MNPRO's work. Scientific research coupled with outreach initiatives drive our team. 

Community connection is an integral part of MNPRO. Educational outreach and programs rooted in the science of PMDs are a cornerstone of our collaborations.

Faculty and staff from across the nation are partnering with MNPRO in the fight against PMDs. View the team and partnering institutions behind MNPRO initiatives.


MNPRO unites a team of experts committed to conducting research across the spectrum of neurodegenerative disease. 

We are maximizing our collective strengths in genomics, molecular biology, epidemiology, public health, wildlife biology, and biotechnology. 


MNPRO is driven to discover key molecular and epidemiological pathways associated with the pathogenesis and transmission of infectious prions and related proteins. 

We are collaborating with other academic institutions and both state and federal entities to solve critical issues. 

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MNPRO is an incubator for bridging emerging technologies with cutting-edge science, and aligning stakeholders through research and outreach initiatives. 

We are uniting dynamic leaders in a variety of disciplines to quickly advance the science of neurodegenerative disease.

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